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Vernon Pool and Spa Service

121 Route 23
Lower Level 
Sussex NJ 07461

We are a very small family-owned and operated business that has been taking care of customers in the Sussex County area for over 30 years. With a lot of experience under our belts, it's one of the many things that truly sets us apart from other companies. 

With only two technicians and a small office staff, we like to make sure that the customer receives the most personal service and care, because that is the type of service we expect as well. Always dealing with the same team guarantees familiarity with your particular issues and concerns, gives you comfort knowing that you will always be dealing with the same people, and constantly building a reputable relationship with the people who are taking care of you and a valuable asset of your home.


We do not offer any services for the following:

above-ground pools, frozen spas, construction/builds, pool cleanings/weekly maintenance, plaster/tile work, certain issues with heat pumps that may require an HVAC contractor, or pool openings/closings with standard tarp covers (due to insurance liability issues). 

We only service the following areas: 


Augusta, Branchville, Frankford, Franklin, Glenwood, Hamburg, Highland Lakes, Lafayette, McAfee, Ogdensburg,  Sparta, Sussex, Vernon, Wantage


Pine Island & Warwick

We are NO LONGER servicing ANY SPAS that we did not sell in the past. WE CAN NOT GET PARTS FOR ANY OTHER SPAS.

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Who We Are

Vernon Pool and Spa has been in the service business for over 30 years, 

with our retail store operating since 2003. Founded by Jack and Norma Whitehead, their business has since been handed down to their two sons, Chris and Scott. Over the years, there have been many experiences that have taught us a lot of things, and plenty of ways to make things work when our competitors can't. No task has yet been too difficult for us to accomplish!

Another point of interest that has been passed down from generation to generation is our love of racing. Jack started racing on a drag strip in 1961, and eventually moved on to find his ultimate happiness in the world of dirt modified racing in 1968. Running the #244 big block for many years, he eventually retired from racing and passed his passion and skills along to his sons. Chris is the new driver of the #244, and Vernon Pool and Spa is the official sponsor!


What We Do

All new customers are subject to pre-approval before we come out to the property. Services quoted over $500 require a signature and 70% deposit.

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Openings and Closings

We offer opening and closing services for in-ground pools in most of the Sussex County area. Our openings include taking off the cover, installing ladder and handrail hardware, adding chemicals, and priming the filtration system. Our closings include covering the pool, blowing out the pool lines, adding chemicals, removing rail and ladder hardware, and shutting down your filtration system. Prices are dependent on size of pool and type of equipment. 


We can no longer open or close pools with standard tarp covers.


Liner Repair and Replacement

We offer liner repair and replacement for your in-ground swimming pool. We currently use the manufacturer Merlin Industries as for pool liners. You can enjoy a wide variety of options from Merlin to choose for your new liner, as well as premium liners that shimmer in the sunlight. We offer a standard 27mil wall and 20mil floor for residential pools, offering the maximum protection from the sunlight on your pool walls. All pools are custom measured to every inch of your specific job. No measurements will be sent to the manufacturer until the liner will look like it's been spray-painted on. We also offer repairing for your vinyl liner, if the liner is not too badly damaged, and offer dive services for deep-end patch jobs. 


Electronic Leak Detection

We offer services with electronic leak detection for your in-ground pools. If you're wondering where your pool leak is coming from, you'll most likely want to get an electronic leak detection. With our detectors, we can typically pin-point where your leak is coming from, and remedy the situation quickly. We do offer dive services as well to patch liners in the deep end.


Plumbing/ Equipment Repair and Replacement

We offer services on your pool plumbing and equipment. We are very neat and organized with our plumbing jobs, and always make sure you have a good enough flow rate to properly and safely operate your system. Valves should always be in proper and easy-to-access places for the homeowner to comfortably work with their pool. We also offer maintenance on your pool filter and replacement if need-be, in which case we can acid wash your filter element or replace the sand.


Line Pressure Testing

We offer line pressure testing for your in-ground pool. If your pool is losing water, one of the possibilities that you'll want to rule out is a leak in the lines. With our pressure testing, we will be able to find out if a particular line is losing water. Once that is determined, we have a camera service to check and see exactly where the leak is, so it can be corrected properly. 


Certified Loop-Loc and Merlin Cover Installers

We are a certified Merlin and LOOP-LOC dealer and installer. We offer a variety of services in regards to your safety cover. We can measure any shape or size of in-ground swimming pool to create a custom cover for your needs. We can also create an up-and-over or a cut-out for water features. We have patch kits in-store for small repairs to your mesh or solid covers. We also offer different colors and grades of safety covers based on your specific wants and needs.


Real Estate Inspections

We offer real estate inspections for your pool and spa. ​You can choose to have a standard vocal inspection, or a written inspection for your peace of mind. Buying a home can be stressful- but definitely do not pass up on the pool inspection to help protect your investment. If you are a first time pool or spa owner, there are many things that can be wrong that you will want remedied before you close on your home. A lot of repairs to your in-ground pool or spa can be very costly, and they are not something you would want the surprise of knowing after you have already purchased the property. Too many times we see people purchase frozen used spas or in-ground pools where the safety cover is not up to code or the liner needs to be replaced. Do yourself the favor, and schedule a simple inspection before you purchase!


Heater Repair

We can repair any brand of pool heater, but we are Raypak/Rheem certified specialists! They are the best heater on the market for your pool, and we always have all of the parts in stock to fix them. Please be conscious of your water chemistry when owning a pool heater, a persistent low PH/alkalinity and unbalanced water can very quickly rot a new heat exchanger. Protect your investment, and regularly check your water!


We do not perform certain services on heat pumps.


What We've Done

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